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Day 1 – Family Med

Never would have guessed I’d like my first day so much. My preceptor’s a solid young doc fresh out of residency that has a great perspective on patients and medicine and just seems to want to help people. I’ll call him Dr. Leonidas throughout this rotation (not his actual name of course). Who would’ve thought on the first day of my first rotation I’d be doing pelvic exams and the like? Already have multiple interesting patient interactions but the one that stood out was a white 50 year old lady that came in with fibromyalgia AND rheumatoid arthritis AND multiple car accidents resulting in neck pain AND a heart murmur AND mental slowness AND excruciating right lower abdomen pain for one month… Needless to say, she had a high pain tolerance and rated the pain as a 7 on a ten point scale while in no apparent discomfort (nor any sweating, elevated HR/breathing). I love patients like this, you realize that it’s all just a mental thing but it’s still real to them (I should point out that the heart murmur was very real and she gets a nice visit to cardio) and so you’ve got to figure out how to treat them without giving drugs with abuse potential. What’s really irritating though is when they use these “pains” to collect disability and then sit at home smoking multiple packs a day and watching TV… haha and then get mad at you for running late despite offering free (or almost free) services. So besides that we had a young black male with a full set of gold grillz coming in with orchitis (swollen testicle) and discharge after multiple unprotected sexual encounters with multiple partners… not in multiple weeks. What really “stood out” about him was, well, let’s just say we later had a laugh as we asked the nurse what was going on before we got in the room if you catch my drift. Well, hopefully my stories were entertaining for you today. To sum it all up, my first day of my third year of med school taught me a valuable lesson: a glass of red wine, walk on the beach, and romantic dinner with extra virgin olive oil and French vanilla candles in a dimly lit room do more than a pill ever could.