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It’s a bit weird to give sex advice to a little 75 year old Hispanic lady but hey, I can cross that off my bucket list. But I was like the Love Guru today, discussing all sorts of things such as a woman complaining that her man was too well endowed, chatting about varicoceles and “shaving” with a college student who had Asperger’s and helping a man decide which bed to buy for his wife. Haha I conveniently failed to mention that I’m not even dating at the moment, I figured that would invalidate all I had to say. I saw a man with a lower leg amputation, and I like that now I’m allowed to be curious. At one point in my life, I wouldn’t bluntly ask someone how they lost a limb or ear or eye for fear of being rude. Now, that sort of question is expected both by my attending and my patient. Anyways, I ask, and he just popped off his prosthetic (it makes a weird suction sound… won’t forget that) and showed me how it all worked and I was just fascinated. Ends up he had Reiter’s Syndrome which we remember in med school by the famous mnemonic “Can’t See, Can’t Pee, and Can’t Climb a Tree”. It’s a genetic (75% associated with HLA B27) syndrome characterized by conjunctivitis, urethritis, and reactive arthritis (hence the mnemonic) and is usually preceded by a chlamydia infection but is also associated with many others. The results are typically not terrible but were devastating for this poor man. Outside of the lost leg, he had multiple plates in one shoulder, bilaterally in the wrists, and in his remaining ankle. Thankfully he only had slightly decreased and blurry vision. Well, saw some other cool things but that was the most interesting today. Peace out.