Today was a pretty solid day. The friar, my chronic care doc, really pushes me hard to think. I’m having to remember those silly details from step 1 studying and apply them to the real world. He tells me I’m the most experienced student medically he’s ever had and yet I have a few glaring weaknesses. I’m terrible with presenting cases and gloss over some details that I should be digging into a lot more. I’m just happy to have something to work on and improve and happy that he’s straight up with me about what I need to change. An interesting case today was where this 40 year old white male came in for a thumb that started swelling three weeks after a dog bite. He had tried to pry open his dog’s mouth as it was attempting to eat his girlfriend’s cat. Unfortunately, the cat didn’t make it. Fortunately, they are still dating. We also had this 90 year old man as a new patient who had a tractor fall on him more than ten years ago and crush his spine and pelvis. He’s barely able to walk and has no bladder control yet seems to be totally content with life and was making bets as to how long he is going to live. At first he said he would keep breathing til 95 and then asked why not just go to 100. Talking with a man like that who continues to dream is just inspiring. He just is one of those that will never quit, never stop fighting. In addition to this fun stuff, I presented a case on catscratch disease which is always pretty fun. So basically today I learned to stay away from cats. Lastly, I found this awesome coffee shop in the center of the city that always has excellent live music, so I’m going to stop typing and enjoy it for a bit. Adios!

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