Family Medicine

Saw some sad things today. The worst was a poor 30 year old girl with pretty much every autoimmune disease known to man. She appears to be 80, has lost several fingers, has been in ICU multiple times, always has to be on an IV, and basically has the worst genetics I’ve ever seen. If you are ever thinking you are having a bad day, you’re not (outside of tragedies of course). The things I complain about just don’t even come close to comparing to what this girl has to face day in and day out. She came in today because of stomach pain. She has gastroparesis (and many many other issues) and every time she eats she gets terrible shooting pain along the area of her descending colon. In addition to that, her abdomen grows incredibly distended for a few days at a time, so much so that people think she’s well into a pregnancy. It was so sad but what was amazing to me about her was that on her list of 20+ meds she didn’t have a single one for pain. We get those fat middle aged guys with “back pain” that just want a few hits of dilaudid, Percocet and oxy, and here is a person who actually has real pain and she just toughs it out. We had someone who was on morphine and oxycontin telling us about the pain they had and I couldn’t even imagine how he could feel anything! Speaking of addicts, I’ve gotten pretty comfortable talking to people about drug and alcohol abuse (definitely not uncommon in this clinic) and today I have a new record for what is to someone, “Just a few beers”… 18… If that’s just a few, how many is a lot??? Anyways, for another update on general life, the Jordanian restaurant is delicious and doesn’t tear apart GI.

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