Family Medicine

Today was really nice actually. For the first time, we were not only on time but early. Working well as a team and getting faster and faster and at the same time a higher quality of service. We even took on another doc’s procedure at the end of our day just to have some fun. You always here funny things from patients and today I decided to copy one of these delightful quotes… This is coming from a 48 year old white male who has a BMI greater than 60, is shorter than me (I’m certainly not the tallest person in the world) and is over three times my weight (I’m around 160 so you can do the math)… Before I start with the quote… wow! Just imagine. At my dad’s office we would get similar people coming in and asking why their knees hurt… haha clearly the result of an autoimmune disease with the famous mnemonic FiM, which, of course, stands for Fork in Mouth. But this one guy had spent some time in a nursing home and on describing it, he said, “They were poisoning me for a month. They were only giving me canned food. I had to stop eating.” Haha I believe you my man! But not eating isn’t a bad thing right now! Man, I love moments like that. Just gotta laugh and roll with it. Besides that, it was really neat that a lot of grandparents brought in their kids today so I got to tell jokes and talk about Spongebob and Star Wars, two things I’m much more comfortable with than abnormal vaginal bleeding. And speaking of that, one of my patients and I were both speaking to each other in our second/third language and I’m having a little trouble understanding… Next thing you know, he’s pulling his clothes off and showing off a nice rash and I’m like, “Wait man! We haven’t even introduced ourselves.” Haha the life! As a side note, I also ate with Dr. Leonidas at a Jordanian Restaurant today and lived through it. So far, no ill effects, but we’ll see. Brace yourselves.

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