Family Med

Rough day but the good news is our Argentinian patients didn’t kill me for having a German background. Wasn’t so sure what would happen after the Deutschland won the World Cup. Today, had a patient yelling at me and telling me how much of a Christian he is but all doctors are liars and that they are all going to hell. He expressed his well thought out ideas, accusations, and theology with frequent demonstrations of eloquent diction (many words of which happened to start with the letter F). There were a few times that I wanted to have some fun and point out the contradictions but felt that frustrating him more might get me shot which would have made it a very bad day. I haven’t tried pulling out bullets and stitching myself in a mirror but I can imagine that would be difficult. But we went on with this lovely conversation and when I told him we’d include Dr. Leonidas in our discussion he decided that he didn’t want to wait and stormed out the main doors. We can’t make anyone stay in the office, and this was actually a fairly life threatening disease that he had. So well, good luck to you my fleeing patient. The doc and I would have liked to help you but you can only help people that want to be helped. This guy had a rapidly falling INR (low INR = high clots) despite high Coumadin and could clot up at any time. He also left the ER despite medical advice on the contrary a few days before. Today though, we actually did help people get better (always a plus in the medical field). We used some needles and scalpels and drained this giant cyst a 30 year old had on his lower quad for his whole life. Not sure why he decided now was the time to take care of it, but I’d bet a woman was involved. It didn’t smell thankfully but it looked like a bottle of brown toothpaste was being squeezed out (imagine this next time you’re brushing your teeth haha). The other funny thing I heard today was from this girl who tattooed very expensive skulls and flowers all over her body and then started to complain to us about the reasons she couldn’t afford healthcare. Smoking and tattoos? I just can’t understand why you don’t have money… Haha this is real life.

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