Family Med

Doctor Leonidas is the man. He had to go to one of those fantastic computer training courses in the middle of the afternoon and just told me not to worry about coming back in because there would only be a couple of patients late. This meant I went out on the town and lived it up… Or found an incredible coffee shop for studying… Or both! What a day. My medical Spanish is coming along, now I only really have any difficulty talking with Cubans but I feel like I’m even starting to understand that. My little reggaeton radio station is doing its job. The most interesting, yet sad, case of the day was a 48 year old white woman who looked to be 80 years old. She had at least 60 pack years (2+ packs a day for 30 years) and noted a slowly enlarging mass in the right side of her throat 5 months ago. As it’s grown larger, she has had increased difficulty swallowing solids [very important to differentiate solid and/or liquid dysphagia. Thanks Dr. Goljan (actual name for once!)!], terrible hoarseness, and choking throughout the night. A lot of our patients wait until the disease is terrible before coming in and unfortunately I just don’t know what we’re going to be able to do for her.   Discussing this case with my attending was just so sad. If she would have come in 4 months ago, maybe we could have saved her and hopefully we still will, but the prognosis is most certainly very, very poor. On a brighter note, drug and company reps brought in slurpees today in honor of 7/11!

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