Today was really exciting and full of new procedures. I did a pap smear, placed sutures and removed an epidermoid cyst for the first time. Well, I guess I should say I did my first sutures on a living person… I guess I’ve already practiced suturing on cadavers and pig’s feet. Regardless, everything turned out good. Just as I was leaving to go to dinner with some good friends, I got a call that someone had just sliced up their finger so I went back in got a kit prepared and practiced sewing. Who would’ve thought med school would make me into a seamstress? The good news is we saved the finger, the bad news is I showed up very late for dinner. But when you show up in scrubs and have a cool picture, all is forgiven. Man, what a fun day though, the patients were excellent, outside of one who amused us greatly by leaving just when we arrived to his room! Haha what can you do? We’re in an “almost” free clinic, people aren’t going to be seen as soon as they walk in the door and if they’d like to leave then so be it. We treat everyone we can as best as possible. I met a lovely older patient from Chile, where I learned to speak Spanish, and it was just incredible to finally hear someone with what is in my mind the correct accent. It was clear and crisp and I was just happy that I understood everything. She was trying to set me up with her daughter but I kinda feel there is probably a law against that… Granted, I definitely need to look that up and see, just in case!


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