Family Med – Rural Clinic

Today I met my favorite patients yet. They were two young Venezuelans who came to America fleeing the brutal treatment of the government against the opposition party (more specifically, the murders of their family and friends). As a side note, it’s amazing how much is going on in the world that I’ve never heard about. It just makes me wonder why sirens, megaphones, CNN, and social media aren’t blaring out the harsh realities that so many face day in and day out in our world. I hope the reason for this lack of information is totally political because my alternate theory, that we just don’t care about the suffering of others, would reveal something terrifying about how our country has decayed. Regardless, medically, the young man presented to the clinic for a bad case of onychomycosis (aka nail fungus) of the great toe that had unfortunately become infected. At first we didn’t think it was infected but then it started oozing yellow liquid and we quickly had a change in opinion… this guy was in need of some solid antibiotics right away. I loved that he was so excited when I told him he was still allowed to work as long as he covered the nail. Already in this clinic, I’ve seen that the majority of immigrants work wherever and however they can; it’s refreshing to see people give their all. The girl that was with him laughed at my Spanish and sat me down and taught me to say words correctly. The Audacity! Haha but really, I was so appreciative because they just smiled at my mistakes, slowed things down and simplified their words as best they could, and helped me to get better. Outside of that, I gave a few knee injections, saw Grave’s disease for the first time, and learned more about calming angry patients. All in all, an excellent day finished with a long run and a glass of wonderful wine.

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