Today we practiced IV caths by jabbing each other with needles again and again. I thought it was fantastic. It was a great way to learn and nice to know that we were going through extra pain so our patients wouldn’t have to. I, being the one least phased by needles on account of growing up with them all around (don’t worry, nothing illegal haha) in addition to having tunnels for veins, was the volunteer for anyone who was struggling to get them in. Basically, we had lots of fun and laughs as people totally missed veins and gained a new appreciation for the nurses and techs that are able to insert IV caths with ease. I, too, failed on my first attempt. Thankfully though, with some quick needlework and manipulation I was able to get it in without having to pull the needle out and restart. I always figured I would get it right away though and was shocked when I didn’t see the flash of blood immediately. Next time, I’ll get it perfect (probably not but will try!). Following this we had one of those riveting three hour lectures where a doctor who didn’t grow up with a computer teaches us how to open excel documents and how to right click… Not kidding. All you can do is laugh and move on. We then worked on projects and dermatology slides for a couple hours. After that, went home, watched Dr. Dustyn Williams. Dustyn is basically the up and coming Goljan (known by all young docs and residents, a legend for the basic sciences) for rotations and Step 2/3. Third year is just about time management and caring about people. Work hard and learn throughout the day, get a work out and something fun in, see/talk to the people you care about, study, wake up and do it again (and find time to write a blog post!). Tomorrow, I start seeing all my patients on my own! Hurray!

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